The summer of the folk revival — and hopefully the new summer of love — is upon us. The fleeting nature of seasons, musical trends and romance inspire the frenzied indulgence of all who are not afraid to feed the moment. Even at the risk of it biting their hands off down the line.

    San Francisco-based Vetiver started as a three-piece, with songwriter Andy Cabic playing guitar alongside cellist Alissa Anderson and violinist Jim Gaylord. Devendra Banhart joined to play second guitar in 2003. But on Vetiver, the band’s debut full-length, the band’s line-up reads like the guest list for the most exclusive new-folk throw-down on the planet (but where is Sufjan?). Alongside Banhart and Cabic, of Tussle and formerly of the Simple Machines band the Raymond Brake, is Joanna Newsom, Hope Sandoval, even ex-My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm O’Ciosoig.

    Most would assume that if a bunch of stoked folk banshees got together and made a record it would add up to an overtly intense affair. But in this case, said banshees cancel each other out, creating a record that’s subdued and steady.

    This is not the soundtrack to intoxicated, heady summer sex. But Vetiver would be perfect for the next morning, when last night’s lady is making breakfast and you’re sneaking out the door in the middle of pulling up your pants.

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