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the last fourteen years, a pattern has emerged for the Hieroglyphics
crew: release a solid album or two, then put out uninspired nonsense
for the next five years. Just when expectations have bottomed out for
the members of this Oakland, California crew, they drop a couple more
quality releases. The last solid Hiero release was Full Circle in 2003, which means it's too soon to expect that The Corner, a compilation of B-sides, would be anything more than mediocre.



The crew's previous compilation, The Building,
was worth the bargain-bin prices for a couple of hard-to-find singles
such as the 9th Wonder's remix of "Make Your Move," but this
compilation offers nothing to validate the purchase price. The Corner features songs that have appeared on other albums (Casual
"Say That Then"), a sleep-inducing live performance ("Love Flowin' "),
a lazy effort by Del the Funky Homosapien ("I'm Gonna Make It") and
remixes of insignificant songs (Tajai
's "Raindance"). In short, this is an insulting attempt on the part of Hiero to squeeze some extra dollars out of its fans.  [This album, which also contains bonus videos, retails for about $7. - Ed.]



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