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  • Cormac - The Present
  • Ellen Allien - The Kiss
  • We Love - Harmony Of The Spheres
  • Dillon & Coma - Aiming For Destruction
  • AGF/Delay - Most Beautiful Kill
  • TimTim - How We Moove
  • Sascha Funke - Hiddensee
  • Kiki & Lenz - Morning Maniacs
  • Zander VT - Gotta Look Up To Get Down
  • Jahcoozi - Day In Day Out
  • Mr. Statik - Sinphony feat. The Boy
  • Aerea Negrot - Deutsche Werden
  • Thomas Muller - West
  • Chaim - The Country
  • Paul Kalkbrenner - Plaetscher
  • Mark Broom - Refund
  • Telefon Tel Aviv - The Sky Is Black feat. Robin Guthrie

The Guardian recently sniffed out a new sound from across the pond. The claim was that France had ousted the robots in favor of "existential intrigue, unexpected sonic variety, challenging music." Before the presserati falls over itself on its way to praising Paris, the well-established, Berlin-based label BPitch releases a compilation to remind listeners which nation has excelled at "existential intrigue" for years. The artfully titled Werkshau (as in an exhibition or show) collects 17 unreleased tracks by noted folks like Sascha Funke, Telefon Tel Aviv and label head Ellen Allien, as well as newer material from AGF/Delay, AKA Antye Greie and Vladislav Delay.

Korpiklaani - Ukon Wacka DJ I-Dee DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap

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