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  • Baby Ford: "Harshmaro"
  • Margaret Dygas: "We're Not the Same"
  • Dimbiman: "Spf30"
  • Fumiya Tanaka: "Sorry Cucumber"
  • Melchior Productions Ltd: "Vagabundo Nao"
  • Sonja Moonear: "Desert Queens"
  • Tobias: "She"
  • STL: "Lost "Somewhere"
  • Matt John: "The Tapedeckers"
  • Jabberjaw: "Pop Bottle"
  • Daniel Bell: "Deep Down"
  • Dandy Jack: "My Tent"
  • Shackleton: "Paper Throne"
  • Ricardo Villalobos: "Guaguay"
  • Kalabrese: "The 2010 Kitchen Session"
  • Morane: "Kalumpung A Kalimku"
  • Stefan Goldmann: "Les Augures"
  • Narcotic Syntax: "Mayaku Shintakusu"
  • Audio Werner: "Couched"
  • Maratrax: "Sticky Fingers"
  • San Proper: "Lady Cop"
  • Soulphiction: "Circulate"
  • Half Hawaii: "Bring Back the Love"
  • Sammy Dee: "Lirum Larum"
  • Pantytec: "Zwölvis"
  • Cassy: "Magnificent Cat Won't Do"
  • Markus Nikolai: "The Clock Staring at Me"
  • Portable: "Keep On"
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