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Scarface - Dopeman Music Clipd Beaks To Realize

Disc One
1. Peephole Circus: I'm Dressing Myself
2. Golden Boots: She is Electric
3. The Perfect Failures: Robot Vampires
4. Tinyfolk: Transitional Objective
5. Falcon Eddy: The Ganzfeld Effect
6. Sentridoh: Smooth Sounds for your F--king Face
7. Soul-Junk: A Better Line
8. Joy: Pullman Heights
9. Phil Yates: The Gift of Love
10. Ashley Reaks: Actor's Raingear
11. Toby Goodshank featuring Los Debutantes: No Cheese For Porthos
12. the Mountain Goats: Predator Eyes
13. Miniature and Presidential: Fits and Starts
14. Alan Smithee: Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge on the City of Los Angeles
15. Refrigerator: Boom Boom (Thumb Rights)
16. Dude Mirror: Chest Pain
17. Peter Peter Hughes: Tracking Devices
18. Charlie McAlister: Fruitbat Waltz
19. Unitard (featuring Jeremy S. Goff & David Scott Ewers): Fire on the Lemon

Disc Two
1. The Uncalled For: Really Long Fall
2. Primordial Undermind: God, Waking Up
3. Jad Fair: Cigarettes and Sunshine
4. So Many Wizards: Flag Pin
5. The Human Hearts: Terrible Criminal
6. Mark Szabo: More or Less Alive
7. Simon Joyner and Chris Deden: Long Beach
8. The Kurt Ross Band: Memorandum of Understanding
9. The Bingo Trappers: Cause and Effect
10. Amps For Christ: Starcrossed Teen
11. John Harrelson: Landers
12. Adam Lipman and Leon Reid: My Secret Prison
13. Baboonz: Okayz Corral
14. The Ah Club: We Were Warned About Factionalism
15. Kukunuku: Princess Cat
16. Desperation Squad: Look Forward to Dying (Alone)
17. Breathilizör: Robot Vampires of Reprise

Ayrne Bardge

UPDATE: New street date of June 22, 2010.

Ayrne Bardge

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