Katy Perry

    UR So Gay


    On the strength of her snarky debut song, Katy Perry has been called by many (including Blender and Perez Hilton) one of music’s next big things. So it seems she would be heading right to the top of the charts — except, of course, for the fact that “UR So Gay,” the song that she hopes will take her there, isn’t so much a funny kiss-off as a juvenile bout of name-calling that borders on being offensive.

    “UR So Gay” is Perry’s dirty-laundry list about an ex-boyfriend. Perry’s litany of complaints is cute, but lumping all of his flaws under the umbrella of “gay” isn’t especially humorous, even with Perez in her corner. If Perry were truly talented, her sense of humor would be more refined than a high school football player’s. Compared with Liz Phair’s acidic touch or Jill Sobule’s sly witticisms, Perry calling her boyfriend gay is pedestrian.  

    The faux pas would be easier to forgive if the rest of the EP wasn’t so spot on. Her cover of the Outfield’s “Use Your Love” blends perfectly with her millennium-kid Cyndi Lauper photo on the cover. The other track, “Lost,” is by far the most straightforward, and it shows that Perry can write a thoughtful lyric.

    No matter how good these other two songs are, however, “UR So Gay” hovers over the whole listening experience. I hope Perry’s forthcoming album shows a little more creativity and a little less juvenility.


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