The Legends

    Up Against the Legends


    The music on the Legends’ debut is almost as interesting as the story behind it. Discovered six months ago in a box in the storage room of a major American distributor by a young intern, the album was shipped over from Sweden in the mid ’70s. It appears to be a long-lost recording from a nine-piece pop collective heavily influenced by the summery soul of the ’60s and by local up-and-coming garage acts, the band recorded these twelve songs and faded into obscurity.


    Okay, except for the part about Sweden and there being nine of them, I made all of that up. But listen to this record and tell me you wouldn’t believe that story. Fuzzy vocals, hand claps on every song, and beautiful melodies shining through the foggy mix. Pop bliss, pure and simple.

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    “There and Back Again” video (Windows Media)

    “There and Back Again” video (Real)

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