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  • Made to Measure
  • Preamble
  • Mantis
  • Cemetery Walk
  • Cemetery Walk II
  • Turn & Run
  • Spires
  • Prophecy Now
  • Red Tape
  • 1348

Chicago’s finest progressive jam band concentrates on its progressive side with this sixth studio release, leaving behind the formless jams (see their “Live at the Murat”). Instead, they jump head-on into the old progressive rock style of Yes, King Crimson, and early Genesis, with gargantuan multi-part songs featuring seriously ambitious arrangements. As the lead single “Made to Measure” might suggest, their songwriting has progressed as much as their ambitions. In that sense, “Mantis” might arguably be the group’s most commercial effort even though, ironically, the band is challenging its fanbase and risking commercial suicide. For pure prog rock bliss, check the super-catchy 7/8 time guitar-keyboard riff in “Cemetery Walk.”


Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew Buddy Holly Down the Line: The Rarities

This album absolutely rocks. Possibly the best jam album I have ever heard. Every song is very intricate, composed and reminiscent of the premier progressive bands from yesteryear. I was initially worried that this album wouldn't live up to its expectations; however, I was extremely surprised upon first listen. This album is a masterpiece.


Man this album is the nuts. I farted about 385 times since they first farted. Let's all press buttons while I down shift into the ditch. Thanks Mom.



Incredible, one minute you will be listening to what sounds like a Queen Broadway lyrical arrangement, next you'll hear something reminiscent of steely Dan then a dash of king crimson and Toolesque Metallica type feeling riffs with a Zappa flavor to them and then youll have a mellow Yes or Dream theater type sound with Jake Cinniger channeling David Gilmour or Jeff Beck on the guitar and whilst all this is progressing into one incredible album it is definitively an Umphrey's Mcgee effort with sections that have room for expansion and reorganization like every other song they play.


dankist of the dank. nugs falling out my ears good.


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