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Songs of Ascent, a play on the biblical Song of Ascents, picks up where U2's previous effort, No Line on the Horizon left off and continues their string of showy, new age-y album titles. More importantly, in terms of content, Songs of Ascent is composed of songs recorded during the No Line on the Horizon sessions, but for some reason didn't fit with the tone of that album.


A sort of companion album to No Line on the Horizon, like Zooropa to U2's Achtung Baby, Bono said of Songs of Ascent that it's "a more meditative album on the theme of pilgrimage." So, if anyone's going on a trip, maybe one that involves ascending at some point, U2's got just the album for you.


Magnolia Electric Co. - Josephine Rakim The Seventh Seal

I love your music, and that you love the Lord makes me enjoy your music even better

charles Mtizwa

Love the Lord?

He's the mysterious sky daddy - but some people are so certain that they love "The Lord"?


Tim D

The new album is a mess I never listen to it! I won't rush out and buy the next one untill I have downloaded a few tracks. They have gone all Bon Jovi and there religious delusions are making them lose touch with there music and fans. If ever there rationality pulls through they will write the best material of there careers. Until then I'm afraid we are going to see the greatest rock band lose us and themselves.


Ive heard tracks from the new album,and they are superb.Mercy stands out as does Tripoli,U2 are producing songs in ten minutes it takes other bands m onths,thry are still on top of their game


is U2 Coming to London Wembley Stadium next year

sean oneill

I've also heard the song winter and it rocked! Magsieboy, where can we find "Tripoli"?

U2 rocks!


The Song "Mercy" is one of the best ever.
Songs of Accent will be a great album.

Larry King

U2 one of the greatest bands EVER!!!
Mercy is one of the best songs EVER!!!
Hope its on the new album.


To Andre's comment. U2 is growing and maturing and their music reflects it. Please do not buy any new U2 music if you're not willing to make the effort to understand it beyond the surface level. Just because you don't get something, it doesn't make it bad. It's your loss..


Lend18, Will, you're dead on. Tim D: God bless you, but seriously. Shut up.


Agree with comments here. I have the demo/unmastered version of 'Mercy' (from the Atomic Bomb outakes). Its unashamedly U2 and to be honest, actually one of my favourite U2 songs ever - and its was left of the album! I dont get it. The lyrics in the verses are a little cringey admittedly, but the chorus lyrics are moving and the guitars are a blast of angst and melancholy. Can't wait to hear a final version.


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