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  • American Gangsta
  • Fire - (featuring Lil' Boosie)
  • Wetter
  • Hustler
  • Walk On Ice - (featuring OJ Da Juiceman/Gucci Mane)
  • She Got It - (featuring Bobby V)
  • Gotta Get Me One - (featuring Static Major)
  • Billionaire - (featuring Busta Rhymes)
  • Talk To Me
  • Jump Off
  • Alright - (featuring Kanye West)
  • Birthday
  • Yellow
  • On Top - (featuring Akon)
  • Birthday

After spending over a decade with Atlantic Records, Twista has found a new home at EMI/Capitol. Category F5 marks the Chicago rapper's first solo release under his new Get Money Gang Entertainment imprint as well. After toying around with his signature rapid fire flow on Adrenaline Rush 2007 , Twista looks to give his fans exactly what they want: relentless double time rhymes about girls, weed and staying fresh. The first single, "Wetter (Get It Wet Pt. 2)," is a sequel to one of his earlier hits, "Get It Wet," and shares that song's same sensual laidback qualities. Confirmed special guests include Bobby Valentino, Lil' Boosie and Tech N9ne with production by Jim Jonsin and longtime collaborator The Legendary Traxster.

The Sounds - Crossing the Rubicon Various Artists Nigeria 70:The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos

Twista i like your music you are the best raper i know...


wtf u guys supposed to be all coordinated and realistic wth u spelled his song wrong LOOOOL its hustla not hustler n00bs


Why this female say that twista is the best raper she knows... At least spell rapper right... DIZZAM


Can I get paid Twista? Ask MellothaGuddaMann about our bizness...oh yeah, I luv Wetter, it sounds so familiar!

pheel deez

love f5 but i heard a couple songs that were repping f5 yet they werent on the album is there gonna be a f5 pt.2? just curiouse thanx fo them tunes that keep us all bumpin.......DOJA

chi towndoja boi

Your one of my favorite rappers
u da man


Twista you rock maself man.long live man


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