Ill Ease

    Turn it Loose!


    Percussion genius Elizabeth Sharp wrote a bunch of tunes while on the road last year. She must have had plenty of moments where, though tired and foggy, there was the urge to shout out with gusto.


    Positive, hopeful songs abound on Turn It Loose!, and Sharp’s sound is by now hard as a rock: dense insistent drumming, off-kilter lo-fi guitar, stream-of-consciousness lyrics, her persistent overdubbed barbaric yawp over her own vocals. There is a giddy feel to the record, and it’s infectious. Songs like "It’s a Downward Spiral!" "When Suddenly, The Evil Arrives! (Brighton Beach Memoirs)" and "Hate the Game" all attest to the fact that Sharp is not happy due to being naïve. Her lyrical take seems to be that since life is bizarre and sometimes mean, fuck it, embrace it and rise above as best you can. The musically dark but lyrically brave "Le Jeux Son Fait" sums up that philosophy with grace and grit.


    What Turn It Loose! turns loose is the spirit of a confident, savvy artist. Sharp doesn’t look away from pain but dares it to stop her. This is a funny  record that makes its point fearlessly. Its ragged production and constant pulse gives it its power. You know you are listening to a person who says it like she means it.


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