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    True EP


    Australia native Tania May-Bowers now kicks around in Chicago under the Via Tania moniker, and her True EP is a criminally short teaser that beams a warm, inviting spotlight on the forthcoming full-length, originally due for a fall release. The title refers to a bluesy, acoustic number that landed on her 2003 album, Under a Different Sky. The EP has two slots for it: One is the “True (New Version)” that opens this four-songer, and the original cut closes out this brief trip.


    Bowers sneaks along a few seventh chords and brushed snare drums on the Different Sky’s version of “True,” and her near-conversational vocal is sometimes a comely, Martina Topley-Bird whisper, both playful and elegant. The new version introduces scattered drums, dub-y echoes on the vocals and one-note guitar ramblings that travel with the chorus melody. The additions almost cut out the original’s personal feel, but Bowers’s quirky songwriting stays intact.


    A new one called “The Best Thing” is also brief, but it’s monumental in its grandiose synth peaks and deep, occasional beats. Tortoise’s John Herndon lends a humming, bubbling remix of the LP’s “In the Deep,” but the whole damn thing is just too short. Bring on the new record and calm these rumbling waters left in the wake of Different Sky.


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