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A quietly engaging debut by Australian jazz trio Triosk, Moment Returns finds the group looping and processing its basic drum/bass/keyboard palate to reflect the heavy influence of German electronics-manipulator Jan Jelinek. Conservatory-trained pianist Adrian Klumpes was so impressed by the bubbling vinyl rhythms of the latter’s glitch touchstone Loop-Finding Jazz Records (2001) that his group’s first recorded effort was a collaboration with Jelinek, 1+3+1, released in 2003.

Though the band plays thoroughly competent jazz, the song structures are more often informed by the electronic post-rock movement, especially the textured bass notes of “Awake in the Deep” and the echo-chamber mallets decorating “Tomorrow Today,” which closely resemble mid-period Tortoise. The album’s pinnacle is the nine-minute procession “I Am a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake,” wherein Klumpes’s piano periodically rises above the sparse percussion and wavering electronics to strike a single chord in repetition, falling toward silence before shifting key.

Triosk’s influences may feel obvious, and a good deal of the band’s debut leans toward minor atmospherics, but their jazz credentials immediately set them apart from much of the instrumental-rock school, and their willingness to tinker with style promises that future projects and collaborations will at least be worth noting.

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