The Blue Van

    Tour Promo EP


    Denmark�s latest import gives the stockpiled retro-�60s acts a run for their Kroners. When the first Zeppelin record comes together with the Small Faces and the Who, it�s a volatile mess. Organist Soren Christensen trades harmonies with lead vocalist/guitarist Steffen Westmark over raw recordings of soulful garage that could very likely have been hiding under your parents� Spencer Davis platters. Damn this stuff is loud. The melodies, be they near-borrowed, aren�t quite overpowered by the rhythm section, but it�s a close race. TVT should have this one on their top shelf of priorities; the Blue Van�s live show, where I copped this six-song promotional EP, is a spastic free-for-all of volume and Vox gadgetry. I can�t wait to check out the upcoming full-length, which the label has yet to release any concrete details about.

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