Young Love

    Too Young To Fight It


    people look back at the death of major-label music and ask why it happened, one
    of the thousands of reasons they will point to is this: It’s the place where bands
    like Young Love were conjured up.


    The hands
    behind Young Love must reside in a parallel universe. There is no other way to
    explain such a desperately awful record. The music on Too Young to Fight It is bafflingly far removed from anything
    resembling good: It’s a wretchedly thin mix of Rapture-ultra light, Gwen
    Stefani, John Mayer and so much delusion that it’s worth a serious inquiry into
    whether or not these people need to be locked up. The face behind Young Love,
    Dan Keyes, played in an emo band called Recover that no one cared about, and he’s
    decided to cash in on the quickly dying American Apparel/Steve Aoki scene. But not
    even the most confused, Last Night’s Party-longing, trust-fund-sucking,
    drunk-on-Sparks college hipster could be swayed into enjoying this dross.





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