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  • Street Trash
  • Truck Sweat
  • Hairy Candy
  • Hawker Boat
  • Side 8 [Big Gums Version]
  • Yum Yum Cult
  • Berries That Burn
  • Get My Nails Did
  • Dirt - Aesop Rock,
  • Gross Magik
  • Little Pink Riding Hood
  • Backwoods Altar
  • Tape Eater
  • Pink Goo
  • Grease Wizard

Fucked Up Friends is the Anticon debut of Black Moth Super Rainbow member Tobacco. It's completely analog and almost completely instrumental, aside from a cameo by Aesop Rock on lead-off single "Dirt." Tobacco secluded himself in rural Pennsylvania to record the album using analog synths and tape machines, which keeps it at a fair distance from the current dominance of laptop wizardry. Fucked Up Friends has been described as "darker, starker, and altogether more badass" than his work with BMSR, which, to put it simply, should attract the musically adventurous.

Castanets - City of Refuge The Sea and Cake Car Alarm

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