Farm Fresh

    Time Is Running Out


    The Peanuts & Corn family dropped its first release 1994 — a cassette by Farm Fresh. In 2005, the independent hip-hop label is home to a collective of Canada-based artists (Farm Fresh formed in Manitoba but relocated to Winnipeg), including McEnroe, Birdapres, Pip Skid, DJ Hunnicutt, and Gruf. Members of this tightly knit camp appear alongside each other on most releases. Such is the case with Farm Fresh.


    The group originally consisted of beatmaker/emcee McEnroe, DJ Hunnicutt and Pip Skid. Eleven years down the road, it still does: Farm Fresh’s return commemorates a ten-year mark in P&C’s busy assembly line. On Time is Running Out, the verses fall between McEnroe and Pip Skid. In a vein similar to their Disenfranchised/Funny Farm projects, the material is split between humor and rants of a serious nature. The emcees each boast different styles: McEnroe’s flow is cocky but relaxed, but Pip Skid’s always-heated-like-a-pissed-off-neighbor aggression loses its sheen quickly.

    As he’s done most recently for Gruf, his releases with Birdapres and others, label head McEnroe made the beats for most of the tracks on Time. DJ Hunnicutt lays down two solid backdrops and handles all the cuts, and the final package beatwise never disappoints. In P&C tradition, the tracks are satisfying in their weird, sometimes cheesy samples and even-tempered bounce.

    Farm Fresh traveled back to Brandon, Manitoba for this record, in an attempt to capture material from their hometown. The results are a few repeat-worthy hits — at least an EP’s worth. But the old stompin’ grounds don’t provide enough strong material for a full-length, and time does run out — about half-way through.

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    “Beatbox” mp3

    “Time Is Running Out” mp3

    Peanuts and Corn Records

    – 2005

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