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Tigerella's self-titled debut reveals the band as pensive (in tempo/delivery), intellectual (in calculus-as-love metaphors), and boring ... and I appreciate soft, pop tunes (really, I own multiple Belle & Sebastian records). Yvonne Ng's vocals are relaxed and may work contrasted with a more ambitious backing band, but the four piece she stands before serves a gentle blend of introspective pop. That's not to say there aren't some possibilities (the Yo La Tengo-lite "Filet" or the duet, "Stun Machine"). But while listening, I really hoped that a younger aggro sibling of one of the members would sneak into band practice and replace their chamomile tea with Red Bull. Really. Or maybe this kid could run in, lunge, and crank the distortion on Gil Chinn and Bryan Yoshida's guitars. Tigerella does command one point of distinction, though: This may be the most cautious record of 2003.


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