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  • Kaleidoscope [ft. Jónsi]
  • Escape Me [ft. CC Sheffield]
  • You Are My Diamond [ft. Kianna]
  • I Will Be Here [ft. Sneaky Sound System]
  • I Am Strong [ft. Priscilla Ahn]
  • Here on Earth [ft. Cary Brothers]
  • Always Near
  • It's Not the Things You Say [ft. Kele Okereke]
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Century [ft. Calvin Harris]
  • Feel It in My Bones [ft. Tegan and Sara]
  • Who Wants to Be Alone [ft. Nelly Furtado]
  • LA Ride
  • Bend It Like You Don't Care
  • Knock You Out [ft. Emily Haines]
  • Louder Than Boom
  • Surrounded by Light

Probably the most massively overhyped release by any DJ in 2009 was the debut album by N.A.S.A, The Spirit of Apollo, which turned out to be a ridiculously unpleasant mess of sonic overreaching, due substantially to the massive number of collaborations stuffed into the album. The number of collaborations on Dutch DJ Tiësto's Kaleidoscope is certainly enough to get your attention, but doesn't really come close to the calamity that N.A.S.A. dove into. For one thing, Tiësto obviously has enough good sense to restrict disparate collaborators to individual tracks, instead of forcing them together like some unholy peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sting - If On a Winter’s Night... Alice In Chains Black Gives Way to Blue

Where is Christian Burns?? He was my favorite


Bought a ticket to see him in Melb. Very excited! New Tegan and Sara song is disappointing.


I can't wait for the album - have tickets to the Friday show in Melbourne - going to be EPIC!


this album is totally different than the far,songs are brilliant,but can't judge before album release....


And where is ISOS 8 ?????????????????


I hope its not electro!!!!!!!


got tickets to see him in orlando florida cant wait


ISOS 8 can't wait, although he still hasn't in my opinion topped ISOS 5 Los Angeles

Tiesto Junkie

yes!! i hope its not electro I prefer trance music!! I know this is a beautiful album!!And I'm looking forward to its release!


i have the full CD some song are just amazing and others i am very dissapointed in overall i give it a 7 out of 10 (my opinion) while i would have gave any of his other CDs a 10 out of 10


I'm listening to the album and if you look at the perpective that he's trying to make people realize, is that he wants to introduce something new, and not another release... Song i'm listening now is "Who wants to be alone", ft. Nelly Furtado... BTW, the CD order is wrong


i love the album
felt it on my bones
who wants to be alone
bend it like u dnt care
are just wow


This album is TRASH. It's far from what Tiesto's sound is, its like he's reaching into electro which isn't really a fulfilling genre to being with.


This Album is sooooo disappointing!!! It's commercial rubbish! Doesn't even sound like Tiesto. Is he starting to get a bit desperate?? I have tickets to his Fri night show in Melbourne, can tell I'm not going to be as impressed as last year! What a shame, I love Tiesto normally!


compare this album to "in my memory" or "just be"
ok so that was years ago and his sound has changed,
but for gods sake this is rubbish,
think he should retire


I think the album is great, it is a much different direction from what he has done before and think that it will bring new fans to Tiesto. I wouldn't hold my breath on the ISOS 8 thing though considering tiesto left blackhole.


This Album have a future of sounds.. it's amazing I'm listening now.. it's incredible... All songs are vocals with great great sounds


Cambió un poco el ritmo al igual ke nosotros. Disfrutemos...
See you


this album is in a different direction to alot of his past music, but i have to say it is absolutely amazing, grew on me the more i listened


Awesome album and saw him at Hammerstein Ballroom...I guess I'm a loyal fan!


How did you guys get your hands on his album. I have a signed copy received from his producer, but where did yuo guys got it from?


Wuuaaaacalaaaaaa, to disappointing, Tiesto can make better things, where is "tiesto power mix", where is a sound like lethal industry, I know u can´t do the same sound always but... u can´t also make this low quality album.


I love TIESTO ? !!!! THE BEST SONGS OF THE WORLD !!! : ) ???


Guys, TIESTO is a Legend...Have you guys forgotten about the SOUND OF TIESTO!!!! His brilliant at making his own style of music, and these days most of the electronic dance music genre's have been mixed..Sometimes theres not a clear distinction with what kind of genre it is. Tiesto has tried something different, its with a lot of bands and vocals and new dance sounds. I think that Kaliedoscope has taken a new direction in Electronic Dance Music, its a mixture of Trance, House, Electro House and many more...Its the real SOUND OF TIESTO - UNIQUE!!!!!


Saw tiesto in Concert in NYC.. he played some of his new music from the album.. Opening was great!. He has actually release the new album through his music page on MySpace where you can listen to all the songs even though they haven't come out yet!


The album gets better and better the more you listen. A few tracks have odd intro's but then turn out to be superb. The music is the direction he's been going for some time, if you listen to Radio 538 on Friday nights (Club life).

Trance since the 90's

just saw him in toronto, it was soo sick, i heard a song at the concert that was amazing and idk if it was from his newest album or if its just a random mix but...i really wanna hear his album and find out if that song is on if any of you could tell me where i could listen to his new album please let me know thanks




I went to his world tour in Toronto and it was AMAZING. He's simply jsut trying to introduce some new stuff, either way he's still doing a great job. I'm enjoying the new tracks on his album.


Just heard through the album for the first time (besides the pre-released songs), and yea it`s new. Much of it is nothing of what you have heard before..............and it´s great!!!!! I just love it! 9 out of 10 from me


Either you like his songs or u hate them or u just don't know. hes just introducing something new to be unique like he always has from the start. noone wants to hear the same thing over n over. I gave him an 9/10 :) his show at Arrowhall on Oct 3 was simply amazing


I have 4 other albums of tiesto...deffinitly a different kind of sound...Its fresh though...He has moved a little over into the electro....but Hopefully his next in search has some good trance. Oh and the track albums are in order....I have the cd it on saturday in toronto.


Worst album from Tiesto!!! Sorry, but this is a fail. Youl will see what I'm talking about when you listen to it. This is very poppish and sounded like he rushed this album. HORRIBLE

This is not Trance-like what so ever =(


you people sound lie its the end of his career just stop crying about it..and move on;nothing to be telling the whole world that its bad..everyone has their own opinion and own likings to the album


You can get the album thru TORRENT !!!


Just listening to the CD for the first time now... all the songs start out pretty bad. Some turn out ok, but most sound like home-made songs by a 16 year old Dutch kid. I'll give it a second chance tomorrow morning, but so far not impressed at all. Martin

Martin Evers

Ehunter23, your an idiot and blind that you can not see that we are colossal fans of Tiesto, and Blackhole recordings, I personally believe that Tiesto is still as good as he always was. It's just that he used this New album "Kaleidoscope", as a way of judging on the future interpretations of Trance music. And I believe also that Tiesto knows that he has not done enough for this album, and The ISOS 8 - Well we will just give that some time, and we will just have to wait and see how it is. I will always listen to Tiesto music and his radio show on 538. It has somewhat of the style of ASOT. Although it does not get as much success at ASOT, it still appeals to all of his audience(s).
Back to the album; I think that this album has intertwined Trance, Minimal Tech, Minimal house, and a strong occurring of Electro.
Well for me to rate this Album I have looked at the mind behind the album, the time active to produce this album, and the overall appeal to me. I will have to say in my opinion that this album is a 8.5/10


There are some great tracks like Century, Here On Earth, and even Feel It In My Bones, but some songs are just annoying to listen to. It's like he's trying to combine alternative/rock/indie/pop with house and trance, and he didn't do a successful job of it. The album is a great mismatched jumble of random styles.

It's his experimental album sure, but it's not worth my twelve ninety nine.


I Like Who Wants To Be Alone


Such rubbish. While there are a couple of alright tracks, it's obvious Tiesto has gone for the money over the music with this one. Roll on ISOS8!!


This album is piece of TRASH! This is not trance! It's like a girly wirly pop remix trash. Fair enough use vocalists but in trance vocalists go hand in hand and flow with the music unlike this commercial album where vocalists are just supported by the music. This is not trance this is just terrible. Avb is indeed number one!


Personally i prefer trance above all genres, but it seems tiesto is trying to commercialize his music, maybe to make more money?... Anyway AVB will win No.1 Trance dj, deservedly so! Tiesto has now gone Electro.....


This CD is such a let down and this will be a big dissapointment for Tiesto. Its to bad I expected more from this icon. This is not good.


Tiesto's old CDs are better. This one, his beats became more hip-hop type. Not many rolling songs. BIG LET DOWN

This CD isnt as good

What is this crap!!!! I can't believe Tiesto actually had enough nerve to put his name on this album. It is completely TRASH. I am glad that I listened to this album on his Myspace page and saved the $. Don't get me wrong, I am an avid and loyal Tiesto fan but recently, his music is slowly making me explore other options. His music nowadays sound pretty much the same. Instead of complimenting one another, the lyrics and Tiesto's backgroung music seem to be going in different directions. He is becoming more and more what i call in the Hip Hop world "jiggy music". i can't believe they call what is played nowadays Hip Hop. It just kills me to see and hear someone that had me raise my hand in the air, bob my head and when the song hits it peak, had me in unexplainable emotions to setlle with playing his albums at night to help me fall asleep. Please don't make no more albums that will grow on me after 3-4 times. Make an album that is going to get my goose bumbs up and blood flowing when i first hear it. No love and effort was put in on this album, just a quick release to compete with the other DJ's that are putting out better tracks. Maybe next time Tiesto


its really bad, its hard to measure to previous releases but this just goes in another direction and not a good 1.


I have to disagree with most. Now i'm a new tiesto fan, but i have stil heard most of his tracks and it's fairly obvious that the man is brilliant in so many different ways, and for his latest album, i believe it is once again more of the same, the album may perhaps take a while for it to grow on you, but once it has you can really just understand how amazing an artist this man is. P.S, stop being nieve and critical 'true tiesto fans'


I have to disagree with most. Now i'm a new tiesto fan, but i have stil heard most of his tracks and it's fairly obvious that the man is brilliant in so many different ways, and for his latest album, i believe it is once again more of the same, the album may perhaps take a while for it to grow on you, but once it has you can really just understand how amazing an artist this man is. P.S, stop being nieve and critical 'true tiesto fans'


The only song that is okayy is 'I will be here' while the rest is CRAP!!
Dash Berlin's The New Daylight album is currently the best trance album in 2009...


Tiesto is the king of Trance, great albun, great songs, ALL HAIL TIESTO !!!


Saw him in Houston yesterday!!!!Got VIP passes and got to meet him after the show!!! It was amazing!!!!


HOW THE HELL CAN ANYONE CALL FEEL IT IN MY BONES BY TEGAN AND SARA DISSAPOINTING DEFINTLY ARGUEBLY THE BEST TRACK ON THE WHOLE F'ING ALBUM....with that aside it defintly a great album..not perfect but def great work....and this is coming from a guy who despises his albums i only like his mixes...well most of them but i can now chalk this album on the list.

Frank the Tank

ugh really its quite annoying seeing how many people are leaving terrible critics about TIESTO's new album! People dont understand that as TIESTO-Best DJ in the WORLD he is allowed to DO ANYTHING and StilL Be AMAzING! To bAd people arent DIverSE and opENt to ANy Beats that Can Touch the SouL. LovE TIEsto With Any BEATs HE GIvES mE! NEw AlbuMS MOSt DefINiteLY WORKS wonDERS :] <3 And WITh a SMile to MElt A thouSAnd HEArtS he HAS become a GIFt to ALL!


Some are are okay...Fell it in my bones & I will be here are my favourites..I was kind of waiting for ISOS8, then I was informed he was coming out with this album so I was a little disappointed.


album is great ... but it's not an album which we used to listen from tiesto!!!!! ps COME TO SERBIA .... Belgrade Arena is waiting for you ;)


album is ok, but old Tiesto was better :D
Escape me is amazing song.
ps yeah you should come to Serbia, I am sure Belgrade Arena will be full (with me) there lol


Im sorry to say ( being a Tiesto fan ) but this album is a massive disappointment ! Even if you class this in a different genre, it is still disappointing ! It just seem,s like a big fluff around in the recording studio ! The tracks are not smooth and do not flow or really get into it. A fantastic live Dance/Trance DJ, but seem,s to be floundering in the recording studio !

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif cutsnake



Stop shouting albums out on torrents(ernesto), its so fuqin nub when people do that. So for the first few songs suck. i'm at tune 11 and its so for the only track i like(Bones). So for i'm not impressed.
Give me my money back.


I live in San Diego and I flew out to San Francisco to visit my friend in Daly City because he was going to perform there. He was also in SD, but I've been to Frisco before and man do they know how to party. I was excited to see the show up there because of all the good vibes in San Fran. Let me tell you, "I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE" at that show. Everyone was on drugs, but hey, that's the crowd he was entertaining. Totally worth every penny spent and there's no way it would've been as fun here in San Diego as it was up there. It was at the Cow Palace for God's sake. Hella tight. He also perfomed at Club Ruby Sky for the after party where it was smaller and you could get up and close. To top it off, it was only $10 to get in and he performed for another 2 maybe 3 hours. So much fun!!! I love Tiesto even more because he came out when the crowd cheered him on at the concert.


TIESTO is the best......


Tiesto is a legend. He has done so much for the scene and has helped shape the scene for many many years. If you treat the CD as a new album it is alright, but for those of us that have grown to love Tiesto's sound over the years it is a real disappointment. I don't know why he decided to change his productions but I hear he is still the same great DJ live.


Very dissapointed with this album..... I have followed him from the very beginning. I have all of the ISOR's and all of the remastered remixes, Elements of Life, etc. Normally I like all of his music...But this... pfftt, just reminds me of cheesy Euro-Dance and the vocals (for an english person) to listen to is painful.. the song 'century' "put your hands in the huuuur" it's 'hair' ! It sounds like emulated english - someone trying to sing english who doesn't know how to pronounce english (I know sometimes that can be good, but I dont think it is with this album).. Feel it in my bones - vocals remind me almost of 'Aqua - come on Barbie let's go party! I miss the days of 'Adagio for Strings' for me, that was Tiesto! 'Sweet mysery' great vocals also.. But this album, I just didn't feel it. I now see myself slipping more to Armin, Ferry, even PVD is better than this, atleast he has some class - not going for the 'commercial/cheesy - let's just release an album trash....Last album I heard was ISOR 'Asia' that was a masterpiece. To go from that - to this - I guess I wasn't prepared for the let down.. I am going to keep my eye on Ronski Speed and Markus Shulz from now on I think....



Anybody said love this album, absolutely they've never listen HIS MASTERPIECE ( EOL, JB, I, POA etc... )

Just a simple fruity loops craps...

Expecting BRIGHT MORNING STAR??? in your dream dude...


tiesto rifa


not his best album but preatty good gonna see him in austria
would say 9of10


going to see tiesto in edinburgh UK this saturday i cannot wait, his new sound is just as amazing as his old, dont judge him for trying something new he is the same guy afterall y'know the tiesto we all love!


This Album sucks so much it's not even funny. Saying that your a Tiesto fan and still liking this SH!T, obviously shows that you're not a true fan, because this isn't even Tiesto. This SH!T is mainstream, HIP-HOP. Worst fukking genre to ever exist. You have to have a lower then 90 I.Q. to enjoy HIP-HOP...


hey can any1 tell me if he plays adagio for strings on his Kaleidoscope tour? thanks


I saw him live in Sydney in January and it was like his new album- Very Dissapointing !!! It was so commercial ! Very different from the Elements of life concerts. He seemed like he couldn't wait to get the show over and done with and get out of there ! Not as much effort went into the concert set up either. It will be very interesting to see what direction he go's next, whether he go's back to his roots, or stay,s with this commercial rubbish !

Cut snake

listened to the album
some good songs
not as good as elements of life but 8,5 out of 10
next album should be his old style


iam from egypt and all egypt like the album and i feel it in my bonesss


I can make the same beats and loops on garage band, this album is pathetic. Just because its something new doesn't make it any good. This is a perfect example of failure. If i could Id feature this album on! To be honest it isn't even torrent worthy.






"Tiesto Kaleidoscope's new album rock's"! {I've been a musition for 35 year's and if anybody dosent love this then,you havent been listning to music you bubble gum chewing little boy's and girl's}! {Oh}, By the way,"I am so rich,I bought all of Tiesto's great album's and I love them all" !

Peter Pelech

Totally agree with the negative comments from people...this guy has lost the plot in my eyes, how can you go from tracks like Urban Train etc and then end up with this commercialized rubbish?

Its not even Trance anymore...


Tiesto is "experimenting" too much, and drifting away from the style that made him popular. In my opinion this is one of the worst albums he has made, and I have followed him since ISOS 1.

Fans are praising him for this and that, but honestly listen to the tracks and you won't find much special about this album. Please Tiesto, continue In Search of Sunrise!


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