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So Three 6 Mafia has finally made their turn into inspirational rap with Laws of Power, or is that title just deceptive? According to Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul, Laws of Power was picked, "because we feel Three 6 Mafia has always been known for setting trends. Songs like 'Sippin' Some Syrup,' 'Ridin' Spinners,' 'Tear Da Club Up'...always set trends and started little things. Our songs were like the law of those trends. (On this album) each song represents a different law and what we feel you need to be doing at that time."


While it's a relief to know that Three 6 Mafia hasn't gone soft, and that Laws of Power delivers the same goofy, grimy southern rap that fans of the group want, there's no indication that it's exactly the same. There's at least one track on Laws of Power that was produced by dutch DJ Tiesto and features Flo Rida and Sean Kingston. If Three 6 Mafia have succumbed to the R&Btronica that's crowded the airwaves, hopefully they haven't succumbed too hard.

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I have been a die hard fan of 3 6 since I first heard them in high school. I was in 9th grade, and it was chapter 2 world dom. I was hooked since. Currently I have every cd and underground cd, mixtape etc. that they came out with. I am bangin' scale-a-ton and hustle till I die right now in my cd player. I think that laws of power is going to be just as good or better. They have been around for almost 2 decades and still bangin' who else can say that? Triple six mafia (HCP) !!!! MARK.


good album

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good album

mohammad raffat

Three 6 Mafia!!!!! awesome album cant wait for it!!


man i been listing to 3-6 back when they was all prophet posse, for da summer of 94, one of my favs man aint nuttin like some underground music exspecially from triple six i jus hope this album is not going to be like all happy like they need to put some more evil back in da music like powder get u hyper, easily exacuted stuff like that now scale-a-ton and hustle to i die was good solo albums coulda been a lil bit longer dow for boths artist but overall they was good i just cant wait to listing to lord infamous agian too bad that nigga creep aint here no more but i just hope dis album going to be dam good 4real


Ya'll sum deck sukkin panty wearin hores

Alisa R Harris

alisa r harris u sound like a hater give them folks they props! u know they been in the dame a long time and they have done good for themselves what other black rap groups u know that have won an oscar they have made history!


fantastic album three 6 mafia


these niggas is 4 real...i'm from memphis and i met em at hard rock and they do what they say...they r the best souhern rap label from rap period...jay-z never won a FORGET The rest...south is the best...i dare you to come to this city acting like u do at ur little town...hahahaha...its too late we win....shut the f*c! up!!!lol...much love m-town...stay down...wwe got the crown


cara este album ficou do caralho(I´m brazilian)
this album got gangsta.

jhonata R. B.

bangin "cutthroat" right bout trendsetters...hyptnotized mind right chea 4sure..all down south is all thats in my stereo..especially my boyz "3-6" always...peeps been hatin on them new videos like they changed.thats industry people..u sleep on that underground if thats what yur lookin 4!!!


i been a three 6 mafia fan since day one. i was listen to one of dj paul underground casset tape of come wit me to hell part one threw 5 wit lord infamous and juicy j. i use to own almost everything that had put out as the years went by. so i know that laws of power is just gonna be bangin like all the rest. 36 mafia

timothy coleman

Three six is straight up gangsta. I like smokin weed, sellin white by project pat. war zone by t rock is sick too back in the day

kyle bullock

3-6 is tight weed blow pills !!!!!!!!


i love this folks cuz their beats touch ma ventricles and arteries of ma heart.
i love them very much because i do like the words they use in their rap lyrics.their lyrics so hard


I Represent Memphis Rap 2 tha fullest if its tight. from 8ball & MJG,3 6 Mafia,playa fly,Gangsta black, skinny pimp,DJ Squeeky,&Yo Gotti, I Roll with.As for 3 6 Mafia New CD I know their bringing more of that Memphis heat.

David Wicks

I have been listening to 3 6 for fifteen years. Now that they are famous I hope they don't turn to commercial. Making songs with Flo Rida worries me. Please cut that off "Laws of Power". And where is a new Project Pat CD.


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