Pink Grease

    This Is for Real


    Trash-rock revivalists Pink Grease want you to party with them all night long — and keep on partying even after the party degenerates into menace and mental instability. This sextet of club-kid gender-benders hails from Sheffield, England, once home to another band of some glam repute, Def Leppard. Like their predecessors, Pink Grease boasts a fondness for bad clothes and worse hair.


    Hailed by the ever-fickle music press as the next big thing, Pink Grease was nurtured by fellow Mute artist Add N to (X), a well-respected and curiously under-looked electronic-rock junk experiment. Add N to (X)’s Barry 7 helped the Greasers — who purportedly played their fist show as the Buttfuckers — develop into the swinging raunch machine they are today. Pink Grease leaps out of the gate promisingly enough on its first LP, This is For Real, with the rock-riffing, doo-wopping, electronica-tinged “Remember Forever,” but the band fails to keep the momentum through the entire record.

    By the time “Party Live” rolls around about three-quarters through the record, the band leaves behind its good-natured sexuality, instead hitching a ride on the misogynistic train, picking up a bad case of the been-there-done-thats along the way. The band’s hedonism brings to mind the self-destructiveness of the New York Dolls, but its music also dips from the wellsprings of British glam rock, including T.Rex and fellow Sheffielders Fat Truckers. Unfortunately, Pink Grease doesn’t have the chops to quite successfully pull off the charade that worked so well for Marc Bolan.

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