Think About Life

    Think About Life


    not everyday that a fairly large man wearing parts of what you can only
    assume is a cheap bear costume comes hurdling toward you as he dives
    off stage, causing your life to flash before your eyes. This was,
    however, my very first taste of Think About Life, the thrashy disco-pop
    collective from Montreal that’s been receiving all kinds of attention
    since Wolf Parade
    invited it on tour last fall. Needless to say, the bear-costume-clad
    individual in question, vocalist Martin Cesar, and the other members of
    Think About Life have quickly gained a reputation for enthusiastic live
    shows — a quality that carries over to their eponymous debut.



    members’ mission statement is simple: They want your ass on the dance
    floor. Their formula for success isn’t rocket science, but it is damn
    effective. Graham Van Pelt lays down quirky/catchy keys overtop tight,
    driving percussion by Matt Shane. Throw in Cesar’s frantic delivery and
    you’ve got ready-made gritty party anthems. I know what you’re
    thinking: So another Montreal band is about to take its predestined
    place on top of the hype machine, rah, rah, rah, right? Well, not


    all the potential it shows on its debut, Think About Life is a young
    group that’s still pretty rough around the edges. Some of this can be
    explained away by the lo-fi production, which doesn’t always do the
    band justice, but the album has some genuine filler. Tracks such as
    “Fireworks” and especially “In Her Hands” are disjointed and sacrifice
    danceability in the name of noise. Still, when the band gets it right,
    the results are infectious. “Serious Chords” gets my early vote for
    party track of the year, with its Nintendo-biting key lines, and “Paul Cries
    is the perfect Saturday night anthem. Think About Life may be a rough
    gem not quite ready for prime time, but it’s taken one hell of a big
    first step in the right direction.


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