Edie Sedgwick

    Things Are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer


    Justin Moyer formed Edie Sedgwick after latent epileptic seizures forced the demise of other bands. He originally worked solo, on the Her Love Is Real…But She Is Not (Desoto), but Discord came to the rescue for this release, providing him with a new band and support in the control room. Depicted as sort of a Renaissance man/outsider artist (he is also a video artist), Moyer chose, in typically ideosycratic fashion, to use this ongoing project mainly to explore celebrity cuture.

    The results are mixed. They certainly reflect a singular, slightly ajar vision, but they don’t satisfy, ultimately, either as odd outsider or even straight-on dance/electronica record. We’re not talking Jandek or Beefheart here, “outsiders” who compel you to come along for the often difficult ride. You can’t avoid the question of whether Moyer’s targets are just too easy, and his observations about them are necessary.

    He certainly has a knack for a biting line, and in songs like “Mary-Kate Olsen,” “Rob Lowe,” “Sissy Spacek,” he seems to be trying to make direct hits on people whose 15 minutes have already long expired. He even rips on Anthony Perkins for crissakes.

    “Bambi/G.W. Bush” is another example. Easy target, lazy barbs, but delivered with a decent groove. It isn’t the music that is the problem on Things Are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer; the problem is its value. Sure, this may be due to Moyer’s hermetic, singular vision, and it isn’t for us to question its purpose. However, when such is the case with other artists, the goals seem, when we can understand them, a little higher than just trashing people that history has already begun to forget. Edie Sedgwick, as a band, is often interesting and danceable, its quirks working best in the beats. As a concept, it seems tired.


    Band: http://www.ediesedgwick.biz
    Label: http://www.dischord.com