The Lovekill

    These Moments Are Momentum


    Astro Magnetics is attracted to bands that have an ability to take older ideals and integrate them into today’s scene. The Blackout Pact is one of the best bands to almost never have been discovered if it hadn’t been for the eye for talent of label co-owner and Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly (he also discovered Murder By Death, My Chemical Romance, and the Valley Arena).


    The Lovekill, a four-piece from Cleveland, fits into this briefly laid-out model. Chris Rager’s gruff vocal delivery is reminiscent of Dischord’s late-’80s lineup, and the guitar work (aided by producer/Criteria frontman Steve Pederson) is influenced both by late-’70s garage rock and the artsy scope of bands such as Jawbox and Archers of Loaf. The Lovekill take what was once punk/garage rock and filter it through the resurgence of older influences in current music.


    The band members are fine songwriters (see “Nothing Yet” and “Years”) and know how to structure a song, but These Moments Are Momentum could have seriously benefited from some difference in pacing the only speed seems to be “pretty up-tempo” — and possibly a larger spectrum and range of expression. This limits the inspirational moments on songs such as “Complicated Sighs” and “Sleepover.” Still, the guitars and song construction in these moments are worth taking serious notice of; at times, these parts are evocative of punk-rock icons the Refused. The band’s potential screams out from These Moments Are Momentum and flashes through in magnificent moments.


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