Joe Lally

    There to Here


    This is an album if you just like the sounds of bass and drums, not drum’n bass per se.



    The first solo offering from Joe Lally (most famous for being Fugazi’s bassist, but who’s also played in Black Sea/Decahedron and Ataxia and owns and runs Tolotta Records) is a bit like a jazz album in that the songs focus clearly on the instrument Lally’s known for: an album of drums and bass, but not a drum ‘n’ bass album, per se. There to Herea series of bass grooves undercut with some drumming and overlaid with vocals-and it isn’t the most exciting album: It may actually be better as a learning tool for budding bassists to play along with as an exercise. “Perforated Line” is an aching, eerie desert drift of a bass melody, nicely counterpointed by Lally’s thin yet plaintive vocals, and the album features Lally’s fellow Fugazians Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto, among others. But unless you’re learning the instrument or are a Fugazi completist, There to Here will likely make for a long forty-one minutes.