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Ways Not to Lose contains wonderfully crafted, soulful, folk-blues compositions. The fact that Chris Wood is a member of Medeski, Martin and Wood probably helped spread the word about the album, but the shining light here is Oliver's extremely witty, brilliant songwriting.


Oliver writes with a very distinctive elder knowledge that many of the younger songwriters lack. He knows how to create a perfect balance of comedy and tragedy, and Chris knows just how to accompany it. Album highlight "Tried and Tempted" emphasizes life's wrong-doing temptations in the vein of a mature blues singer, and "Chocolate on My Tongue" touches on life's smaller pleasures.


Ways Not to Lose is far more than a Chris Wood side project: It's one of the more pleasurable records I heard in 2006, a year that was marked by bands that took themselves too seriously.






  • One More Day
  • Tried and Tempted
  • Luckiest Man
  • Glad
  • Chocolate On My Tongue
  • Atlas
  • Time To Stand Still
  • The Truth Is the Light
  • Spirit
  • Angel Band
  • Where My Baby Might Be
  • That's What Angels Can Do
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