Hey Mercedes

    The Weekend EP


    The Weekend is a four-song EP from established indie-rockers Hey Mercedes. When a band releases an EP, I tend to approach with caution. Gone are the days when bands released EPs (or 7″, back in the Stone Age), because it was all they could afford. Nowadays I fear that the band’s just cleaning house, making something of the songs that ended up on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, The Weekend flushes my theory right down the toilet.


    Catchy from its opening notes, “Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday,” a fast-paced song, with a sing-songy chorus to back it up, sets the mood for the record. “Our Weekend…” also appears on Hey Mercedes’s Everynight Fire Works album. Track two, “Save A Life,” slows down a bit, but still delivers the goods.

    “Everybody’s Working for the Weak” keeps the EP moving, delivering crunchy guitar riffs with some of the greatest lyrics I’ve heard in a while (“The two of us in love/ With whiskey”). Track four, “Wearing a Wire”, is good, but it doesn’t pack as much of a punch as the other three.

    Hey Mercedes’s sound can be compared to several of indie-rock’s mainstays. Braid is the first name that springs to mind, but only because that’s where three-fourths of Hey Mercedes came from. Aside from the obvious, bands like Superchunk, Tuesday, and Jimmy Eat World also have an influence in Hey Mercedes’s sound. Personally, I can’t help but think The Promise Ring, but that may just be due to the design of the jacket…

    All four songs are catchy and likeable enough, but the real gem comes several minutes after. That’s right, boys and girls, a bonus track. It’s a clever version of When in Rome’s “The Promise.” Something to make the collector nerd sweat.

    Four songs about girls, booze and ditching work early. What more could you want? The Weekend delivers a small dose of straightforward rock. In fact, it’s too small.