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The Waifs distinguish themselves from many popular country artists by writing their own songs, filled with stories of drinking, road trips with no destination, and lost loves -- the classic themes of folk and country music. The three members take turns writing and singing, but they're clearly at their best when sisters Vikki and Donna Simpson are confidently belting out the tunes without sacrificing range. Unfortunately, they often sacrifice their emotion and folk-y sounds for contemporary country pop, where they simply can't pull away from the pack. Clunkers like "I miss you like my left arm that's been lost in a war" don't help.


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  • Fisherman's Daughter
  • Nothing New
  • London Still
  • Lighthouse
  • Flesh And Blood
  • Highway One
  • Since I've Been Around
  • Fourth Floor
  • Rescue
  • Three Down
  • Sweetness
  • Up All Night
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