The Sights

    The Sights


    It’s not often we hear a band sculpt melodies with an organ or mellotron today, but the Sights pull it off on their eponymous third full-length. The Detroit rock ‘n’ R&B trio the Sights delivers a tight, immediate gem with songs that career between full-on rock stompers (“Last Chance”) and Motown-styled melodies (“Just Got Robbed”) and even a smattering of country and western (“Waiting on a Friend”). Any track here would fit in at a sixties-revival club night, nestled in amongst tracks by the Who, the Ronettes, the Small Faces, the Creation — the songs reference the Beatles, Procol Harum, Badfinger, the Monkees, Mungo Jerry, the Animals and great slices of pop such as “96 Tears” and “Poison Ivy” without sounding contrived or like a pastiche. The Sights is a fabulous distillation of signature sixties sounds that is totally fresh and catchy as hell.


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