The Rock and Soul Circus


    “Get up, you Swedish fucks! Let’s show America how to rock!”


    “Äsch Dollhouse, du lystmäte min livmodern med älska lik MC5!”

    “Yeah, we know.”

    Not only does this first full-length from Scandinavia’s Dollhouse, which formed in 1998, sound just like something the MC5 did thirty years ago, but Michael Davis (of the MC5) produced the album, claiming it to be “what the MC5 wished we could sound like.” Granted, they did. But what they didn’t have were a bass player named Yoda (Hassinen) or backup vocalists like Lisa Kekaula (of the Bellrays) and Lars Stromberg (of the International Noise Conspiracy) contributing to their debut record. The Rock and Roll Circus is another strong album from a Swedish band.

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