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It takes a lot to excite me these days, but when I heard the Raveonettes were releasing their second full-length, my ears perked up. Chain Gang of Love, which came out two years ago, mostly resembled the Jesus and Mary Chain (one track was an exact replica of �Head On�), but the album was so damn catchy. With Pretty in Black, the Raveonettes have taken on the surfer route -- crunchy guitars and rat-a-tat drums mixed in with sixties pop. The result? The perfect antique Cadillac album.


You can say they�re part of the Scandinavian invasion, but the Raveonettes -- Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo -- take a retro look at American music, drawing on a variety of themes; it's almost as if Pulp Fiction should be cited as a major influence. But "Somewhere in Texas" and "You Say You Lie," which have a spaghetti western feel, are nice departures.

Named in homage to Buddy Holly�s greatest rocker, the Raveonettes forged small, satisfying changes on twangy garage pop over three records, but the duo�s influences have never been more explicit. The album includes a sexy cover of the Angels� girl-group monster "My Boyfriend�s Back" (co-written by co-producer Richard Gottehrer) and "Here Comes Mary," a ballad that walks almost as closely in the melodic steps of the Everly Brothers� "All I Have to Do is Dream" as "Surfin� U.S.A." did those of "Sweet Little Sixteen." (You can almost picture Julie Newmar with the cat glasses doing the mashed potato.) But it�s the new tricks they unpack -- the shimmy of "Love in a Trashcan," the disco stomp of "Twilight" -- that make this their own music.

And that�s what�s worth perking your ears up for.

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"The Heavens" mp3

"My Boyfriend's Back" mp3

"Love in a Trashcan" video

Raveonettes Web site (with streaming audio)

  • The Heavens
  • Seductress Of Bums
  • Love In A Trashcan
  • Sleep Walking
  • Uncertain Times
  • My Boyfriend's Back
  • Here Comes Mary
  • Red Tan
  • Twighlight
  • Somewhere In Texas
  • You Say You Lie
  • Ode To L.A.
  • If I Was Young
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