The Only Thing I Ever Wanted


    When Psapp’s sophomore effort, The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, was released, I was mostly interested in finding out the band would follow up such tracks as “Leaving in Coffins” off its 2004 debut, Tiger, My Friend. That track exudes cuteness while petting the hairy subject of the death of close friends. Like they did on their debut, Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant have put together another collection of songs that can be stamped with the compliment of being incomparable.



    The London-based duo has, for now, gone back to a relatively low stateside profile (aside from contributing the theme song to Grey’s Anatomy, “Cosey in a Rocket”). But The Only Thing I Ever Wanted opener “Hi” is a reminder of Durant’s sultry voice, which drips with sweetness and maturity alongside her musical compositions with sonic partner and producer Carim Clasmann. Live and on record, their sound is polished, professional, and full. “And though I don’t know what comes next/ I will not hold my horses,” she sings.


    Psapp builds its sound by taking conventional instruments such as keys, violin, drums and light horns and coating them in electronic production. The result is so distinct that it doesn’t quite fit into the current American indie scene. Banshee-esque frontwoman, hip-hop mating with electronica, remixes for everything under the sun: It’s hard for Psapp’s delightful but weighted matter to stay afloat on our side of the Atlantic. But it shouldn’t go unnoticed, because The Only Think I Ever Wanted is one of the better records of the year.



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    “The Words”:

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