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  • Ain't No Lord
  • Black Shoe
  • 'ol Blackbird
  • Save My Soul
  • Changing
  • Night & Day
  • Undertaker
  • Jesus on the Main Line
  • Long Time Coming
  • Old Hound
  • Make It Easy
  • Bogachiel Rain Blues
  • I Want You to Know

The Seattle music scene just keeps churning out young, intriguing bands. Following on the footsteps of Fleet Foxes is The Moondoggies. The two bands hark back to similar influences, especially the Band and the Byrds, although the music of the Moondoggies is known to rock a little harder than that of Fleet Foxes. 22-year-old Kevin Murphy leads the Moondoggies. He and his bandmates in the Moondoggies have been playing together since all involved were teenagers; the first incarnation of the band was known as the Familiars. Murphy decamped to Alasaka to flesh out some introspective songs. When he returned to Seattle, the Moondoggies polished the material over many nights at the Blue Moon Tavern, a seedy juke joint. Such is the lineage of Don't Be a Stranger, the Moondoggies' debut album.




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