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Remember when the Elephant 6 disbanded? Goodbye Beulah, goodbye Apples in Stereo, and goodbye new Neutral Milk Hotel record that was no-way-in-hell-gonna-happen anyhow. Oh well ... But wait a sec, the Minders just banged the door down with the new, poppy LP The Future Is Always Perfect. Formed with Martyn Leaper and Apples and E6 co-founder Robert Schneider, the Minders have been a supporting act of the E6 for some time and bring their small voice to the forefront with this one. Analog synths add a new texture to the sound Schneider perfected with Tone Soul Evolution, three-minute indie pop rock classics that reflect elements of the Beach Boys/Beatles/Zombies/every other great pop band. Drummer Rebecca Cole's vocals blend well with Leaper's throughout the record, which manages to create a dense variety of guitar/drums/fuzz. By now means a giant step, but by far a go for all fans of what the Elephant 6 had to offer.


  • It's So Hard
  • Tearaway
  • Here Goes Nothing
  • Hahaha
  • Go Wave Your Wand
  • 28X
  • Jealous Baby
  • All The Way Round
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