Rodney Hunter

    The Hunter Files


    Rodney Hunter comes off of G-Stone, so it’s no surprise he brings quality beats and crisp, superior production to his world-style electronica. With label owners Kruder and Dorfmeister off doing Peace Orchestra or Tosca or whatever it is they do to deprive us of their collaborative goodness, it’s up to their label mates to give us superior sounds under the G-Stone name. Unfortunately, nothing on Hunter’s longtime-coming debut, The Hunter Files, is special enough to warrant focused listens.


    If I owned a high-priced boutique clothing store, this is what I would play while people shopped. I don’t mean this as an insult; this market severely needs good music, and this album would be perfect. But since I don’t have a high-priced boutique clothing store, I don’t need this record, and, after close market research revealed that most Prefix readers also do not own said stores, you don’t either. Wherefore art thou, Kruder and Dorfmeister?

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