The Human Resource, Vol. 1


    This double-disc set of drum ‘n’ bass from deejay icon Dieselboy’s Human imprint is unnecessary and indulgent, celebrating the catalog of a label that hasn’t had as many successes as it seems to think.


    The first disc is made up of selected works that merely blend into one another. The only real high point is the Hive remix of Bad Company’s “Mass Hysteria.” The rest of the tracks are either too familiar or do not add anything new to the drum ‘n’ bass equation. They are retreads of the same old themes.


    The second disc is a mix by Atlanta’s Evol Intent. Despite moments of innovation, cutting and pasting patches of breakbeat into the mix, it’s largely a loud mess. Rather than create a flowing set, Evol Intent created a chaotic and annoying drum ‘n’ bass set. For those who can’t stand drum ‘n’ bass music, The Human Resource, Vol. 1 will be excellent evidence for their argument.


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    Artist: http://www.djdieselboy.com/

    System: http://www.systemrecordings.com/

    Human: http://www.humanimprint.com/

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    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/humanimprint

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