MC Lars

    The Graduate


    “I got twenty-one concepts, but a hit ain’t one.” ~”21 Concepts,” The Graduate



    Thanks for doing my job, Lars.


    Lars, a recent Stanford grad whose 2004 EP sold roughly twice as many
    copies as his alma mater has undergraduates, is a laptop rapper who
    samples daringly popular music, attracts high-profile guests from
    winners such as Bowling for Soup and the Matches, and offers more
    pop-culture wisdom than Yahoo! News can provide in a year. For someone
    who makes me want to stab myself in the face, he’s given himself a
    pretty important role to fill.


    (Andrew Nielsen to his former schoolmates) has great taste in punk rock
    and drops the names to make sure you’re aware of that. Hell, half of The Graduate
    is dropped-name after dropped-name. The other half is that
    aforementioned wisdom: bet you didn’t know that Tupac incense burners
    are not punk rock, or that it’s not normal to have an Internet girlfriend, or that Hot Topic uses contrived identification with youth subcultures to manufacture an anti-authoritarian identity and make millions.


    But getting back to the real issues. MC Lars doesn’t and shouldn’t
    have a target audience; he satirizes the labels that promote emo bands,
    yet he’s touring with the Matches this spring. He prides himself on
    snarky humor but doesn’t offer a lick of real wit. Everything about The Graduate,
    not to mention Lars’s earlier work, is overused and overexposed: from
    pro-downloading arguments to criticizing punk poseurs, from poorly
    attempted humor in rap to labeling children of the ’80s the
    I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T generation. It’s almost as though he was influenced by
    second-rate news sites rather than other musicians.


    what to say about the iGeneration’s poster boy? That getting Ill Bill
    to criticize censorship on “The Dialogue” and sampling “The Passenger”
    give him some sort of cred? That you should tune into his show on
    Sirius radio every Tuesday night to hear his weekly tribute to Weird
    Al? That if you’re looking for an album to name-drop, this’ll be the
    one that nobody already owns?


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