The Flathead EP


    Proudly carrying the Olympic torch of an iPod commercial for “Flathead,” the Fratellis are poised to take over the radio one poppy, perfectly crafted jangly guitar rave-up at time. Though they bop their heads in the same sharp, danceable direction as Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand (with less lyrical grit and more rhythm, respectively), there is something infectious, if at times repetitive, about the four songs on The Flathead EP. From the half-time breakdown of “Henrietta” to the handclaps and call-and-response of “Cigarello” and the precise bass line of “Stacie Anne,” the Fratellis have essentially taken a blender to the obvious ingredients of fun, hook-filled rock ‘n’ roll. The only real fault is that only “Flathead” and “Henrietta” show up on their debut album, Costello Music. Makes you wonder how good that album is.







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