The Faux

    The Faux EP


    I wonder if the Faux is from the future — one of those dark, scary, futures, where everything is really industrial and cold and it’s always raining. Where the sun never comes out, and the night life is filled with secret bars and get-togethers where the password is “ROM” or “RAM” or “Disk drive.” Where the places are filled with kids wearing futuristically retro clothes, pink eye make-up on one eye and asymmetrical hair, shimmying the never-ending night away to dark, intense yet danceable music.


    It’s either that or they’re from Boston and have just released a self-titled EP on the Explosion’s Tarantulas Records. Whether or not they stumbled back in time from some dark future or not is irrelevant. The Faux is presently managing to scare the shit out of a bunch of kids who mistakenly bought the CD thinking the description “no-wave” meant “new wave.”

    Blending elements of no-wave, punk rock and evil, the Faux, composed of only vocals, bass, drums and synth, delivers five songs that are ready for a bleak future, where humans are overrun by cyborgs or computers or something electronic — maybe toasters.

    The Faux screams punk rock. The bass player and drummer are on target with their delivery of distorted punk-rock bass over driving rock drumming. Lady K manages nicely on the synth on the third song, “Cold and Mechanical,” a standout on the EP.

    There are times, however, when the Faux should have just been a bass and drum outfit. The press sheet says the vocals resonate a ” ‘dictator’-type quality that is unique and ear piercing.” In other words, they suck, but fit in nicely with the dark no wave-y thing going on here. Either way, the vocals are covered so much that you can barely make out what’s being dictated to you.

    The songs on this EP are reminiscent of the stuff they play between sets at a local venue, or that would get thrown in your favorite deejay’s rotation for a week or two. It keeps your attention for the most part, but you didn’t come looking for it. But with its fashion-y packaging (everything is black, white and pink), the EP appears a little too manufactured for being cool. This is an attempt to be edgy and hip, but it lacks emotion. The only thing the being expressed is how on top of the current trends these dudes are. It just so happens that you can shake to it, especially after machines leave the earth dark, cold and dancing.

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