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If ever there was an album worthy of breaking out the video of the monkey drinking its own piss again, it just well may be Earth to the Dandy Warhols. Like it’s cinematic brethren Last Action Hero, the Dandy Warhols’ sixth studio album aims to mock indie conventions but only serves to embrace their worst tendencies. The Dandy Warhols’ self-righteousness is as baffling as this album is stupid, and apparently 70 minutes couldn’t contain the entire band’s ego.


As the band’s bogus marketing campaign proved, the Dandys -- who once upon a time were a fine major-label rock band -- figure themselves one degree below Radiohead in terms in alternative-rock's Greatest Band in the World. Which is about the equivalent of saying Tito was the most successful member of the Jackson Five.

The preposterousness of Earth to the Dandy Warhols sets in by the third track, “Welcome to the Third World,” and doesn’t let up until near the end -- or, by some estimates, the end of time. After that crass satirical canon fodder we get the perpetually annoying “Wasp in Lotus” and a track called “Talk Radio,” which doesn’t seem to know there’s a time when a succession of “na's” will make a listener want to take a shotgun to a CD. In between, we get “Dreamt of Yes,” which not coincidentally features guitar fuzz that sounds like farts.

“Love Song,” whose generic name is befitting of the abstract forms the album aims to mock, is actually the one attempt at sincerity on the entire album. Courtney Taylor’s vocals sound like he actually means something as he sings about longing. Yet, since the Dandy Warhols eschew concern for anything other than themselves on the rest of the album, “Love Song” paradoxically seems like the least sincere track on the album. Far more sincere is “Mis Amigos,” which, while consisting of nothing but clichés, at least finds some level of comfort in its honesty toward the nonsense.

If you’re looking for the grand Redeeming Quality of Earth to the Dandy Warhols, look to the intermittent garage stomp of “Valerie Yum,” the only element of rock 'n’ roll on the album worth its weight in ones and zeros. Of course, you’ll have to contend with some annoying moaning and bullshit production values in between, but it’s at least encouraging to know there’s something resembling a rock band left.


Although you may question that yet again after 14 of the album’s 70 minutes are taken up by the concluding “Musee D’Nougat,” which talks about food in a sexy French accent the same way my college’s improv troupe did to make fun of how people worship all things Francophone. Are we meant to be in on the joke, or is this meant to be something actually worthwhile?


In actuality, Earth to the Dandy Warhols is as much of a joke album as Metal Machine Music, except I don’t see any rock ‘n’ roll scholars finding anything particularly smart in this slop 20 years from now.





  • World the People Together (Come On)
  • Mission Control
  • Welcome to the Third World
  • Wasp in the Lotus
  • And Then I Dreamt of Yes
  • Talk Radio
  • Love Song
  • Now You Love Me
  • Mis Amigos
  • Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers aka the Ballad of Sherif Shor
  • Beast of All Saints
  • Valerie Yum
  • Musee d' Nougat

Earth to the Dandy Warhols marks the end of the band's long run with Capitol Records. The Portland group now runs its own imprint, Beat the World Records, through World's Fair. But don't expect the change of scenery to significantly alter the band's sound. Courtney Taylor-Taylor and the rest of the Dandies still play droney yet accesible psych-pop that's fun and cheeky. Just witness song titles like "The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers AKA The Ballad of Sheriff Shorty" and "Musee D'Nougat." "Love Song" isn't another take on the Cure classic; instead, it's a raucous Dandies original featuring Mark Knopfler of the Dire Straits and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty's Heartbreakers.





Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III The Impossible Shapes Impossible Shapes

Forget that ridiculous review above - this album is a serious return to form for the Dandys, with their strong sound now a lot more percussive, and by far their best songs yet.


With each new release, the Dandys get worse and worse.

This is no exception.

Forget Matty's review -- "by far their best songs yet"?


alex cutter

this freaking album rocks. This is definitely the best one. I was so scared after that bad Odditorium CD but this is a come back to the reason I fell in love with the Dandies in the first place.


Definitely another class Dandy's album, without a doubt - You can ignore the negative comments posted, I think the album went over certain peoples head's, lets face anyone that ends a posting with "whatever" isn't exactly over endowed with brain matter. Buy, listen and marvel at the Dandy's.


I agree totally with PaddyGoo. Another class Dandy album. This is truly an amazing piece of work. ETTDW. I can't stop listening to it. It gets better each time! The Dandys just keep on working hard.

Thank you Dandy Warhols. Can't wait to see these songs live!!


I completely agree with ALex Cutter. they keep falling with every album. (apart fromt thirteen tales which was better than come down). odditorium was a bit dissapointing but this is by far the most dissapoingting album i've ever heard from a band who used to be so good!

syd rabbit

true. they get worse and worse. dandys rule was the best they will ever be. world's biggest sell-outs - and they make the worst attempts to justify it. you're not "odd", you're just crap. junk.


World's biggest sellouts?? Yea, that's why they just told their record company to eat poo and took control of their own destiny. This is by far ONE of the best albums the Dandys have made. Selling out would mean making the same record over and over and over again to please your purist ass. Instead they are making what THEY want to make, not what YOU want them to make....and I for one happen to think it's brilliant. If you want to hear 'Dandys Rule Ok?' then go play it and put it on repeat for like five days. Meanwhile, the Dandys and their fans will move on along down the road.


Really guys???!?!?!? I absolutely adored the Dandy's first two albums but it seems as if album by album their sound has become progressively sloppier and less innovative. I thought this, and Oditorium were absolutely AWFUL albums. Not a hit in the bunch, all extremely un-listenable.

I highly suggest


This one's better than Odditorium. There's no way they could make a worse album than that it's as if it was deliberate.


I love this album. I really do. It's such a return to form after "Odditorium". But not tacky pop like "Welcome to the Monkey House". It's definitely up there with "Come Down" and "13 Tales". Bit messy, but still really loved it.


have all their albums and can't stop listening to 'wasp in the lotus, beast of all saints, welcome to the 3rd world, and then i dreamt of yes, love song.' all diverse, but completely love the droning pyschedelic rock anthems; where else can u find that today? this work ties together their early work and live shows; gotta love their "hells bells". this is an album of their own inspiration, breaking away from capitol. their live shows absolutely rock, so if you like, u have to see them live..seeing them at the vic, sept 12. and negative feedback for odditorium? 'holding me up, love is the new feel awful' are outstanding...give a good long objective listen


Andrew said it right... First DWHs gig i saw was in a small city venue in 98 and i have followed them since . Sell outs!! not about making £$ to do their own thing ?..damn right. They have maintained a core sound which Dandy Warhol followers love but they've experimented along the way which they have the right to do instead of turning out cloned tracks within the safety net. Sure i think most of its genius, some of its just good and a little of it off the mark but hey...dull world if we all liked the same stuff right?


The worst was Odditorium? Puhhllleeease. The worst Dandy's record- and the sales prove this out- was Welcome to The Monkey House. Now that record SUCKED. BIG TIME. But the idea that they


For anyone to say this is the best Dandys album is an outright lie. Courtney developed too much of an ego. He needed Capitol. I own the black album (the unreleased version of what became Come Down). And while good, Come Down is better. Courtney doesn't have anyone now to say "No Courtney, that is just garbage." I am a huge Dandys fan and have been for over 12 years, which is why I feel one must still honestly judge them, not idolize anything and everything that comes out. The best part of listening to The Dandys is how awesome they sound through headphones. The new album is not so easy to listen to this way. It is awash with poor mixing, an overabundance of instruments, poorly used samples, and too much buzz and hum. Before they textured much much better. The music was thick but you could pick out all the parts. I personally feel they peaked with 13 tales. There are about 4-5 decent songs on the new album. I am seeing them in Boston and just praying they don't play much off this album. Just download the good songs and leave it at that.


another crappy album from a band that has always been crappy

/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

No kidding. I've always thought they sucked.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

this is a slight step up from the horror of Odditorium, but still hardly anything that would warrant all but the most ardent Dandy fans to get excited about. this album is a mess of sloppy production and retreads of classic material from their first three records. CTT done fell off.


At what point in time did the Dandy's crap in this reviewers oatmeal. This album is a much needed step forward for the band after Oddities. The album is just a lot of fun to listen to.


This album really isn't as bad as Ethan makes it out to be. When he was going through individually discussing each track I was expecting him to mention The Legend of The Last of The Outlaw Truckers; which is - if Musee D’Nougat is worth mentioning - is definitely worth a mention, as it's one of the stronger songs on the album.

...Earth to the Dandy Warhols... may not be their best album, but it is no doubt a huge step in the right direction for the band after the Odditorium. There are a number of good tracks on this album, despite what the reviewer and some of the comments are saying.



/site_media/uploads/images/users/type_slowly/travispic.jpg type_slowly

I am totally addicted to "Welcome to the Third World", and the whole album is really a complete success, I was not expecting too much from it as the two albums before were quite disappointing compared to 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia, but this album is really great, cool, groovy, psychedelic, with a great classy, sexy dancefloor feel to it. The Dandies have definitely re-established themselves to their best level with this album.
easily one of the very best rock albums of 2008.


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