The Cons, Vol. 4: Finish What You Started


    An Otis Redding sample and Jon Brion’s elegant string composition packaged perhaps the strongest track on Kanye West’s Late Registration last year. “Gone” falls near the end of that album’s track list and features Cam’ron and Consequence, who outshines everything in reach, not only for the rampant, sometimes ludicrous instances of the word “gone” in his hasty performance, but also for the vivid one-liners that whirl by so quickly that you’ll need to hear them twice. His long-promised full-length has potential: see 2005’s A Tribe Called Quence for proof, where notable remixes pointed to the emcee’s first public appearance as an honorary member of A Tribe Called Quest.


    On the fourth volume of The Cons mixtapes, Consequence and Boston’s prolific Clinton Sparks hammer out another preview of the emcee’s (reportedly) forthcoming solo debut on Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Records. The Cons Vol. 4: Finish What You Started is a colorful sampling of Quence’s ability, each track rippling with his penchant for using the same word or sound for a multitude of bars (check “Callin’ Me”). Sparks produced two cuts, including the swinging, triumphant piano-and-choir intro, which should really be expanded into an actual track. “Grammy Family” is also here, featuring John Legend’s chorus and backups, DJ Khaled’s slick organ-peppered beat, and the occurrence of the word “faggot” from Kanye — who’d have thought he meant “family” like Rick Santorum means it? Khaled’s work here is a shimmering jewel, but its resonance is almost completely wiped out when Clinton Sparks shouts out MySpace Web addresses on top of the outro. Get familiar. With MySpace.



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