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With Shea Stadium set to be demolished any day now, this live recording of The Clash in 1982 captures the band in prime form. Full of energy and attitude, Live at Shea Stadium is destined to rank amongst the great live recordings of all time (The Who at Leeds, Cash at Folsom Prison). This recording comes on October 13, 1982 from The Who's farewell tour with The Clash as the opening act. It's powerful, energetic and everything anybody would ever want if they never got to listen to The Clash live. This deluxe edition is a jewel-case size hard bound digi pak which includes a stunning 32-page booklet of photos shot by Bob Gruen and Joe Stevens. The recording is the first and only full-show live album released from The Clash. This amazing live recording of The Clash is a fitting tribute to the historic Shea Stadium which was not only home to the lowly Mets, but to some of rock n' rolls greatest historic events.


Official Website:

Audio from the Live show:


The Howling Hex - Earth Junk Hank Williams III Damn Right, Rebel Proud

The lowly Mets? May I remind you that not only did some of the world's great concerts happened there, but the Mets won 2 World Chamionshops, and hosted 4 World Series in it's 44 year history.

Not bad for a professional team.


Hey stevenyc,

Take it in perspective. As a fellow Mets fan, they were the "lowly Mets" in 1982 which was their 6th straight sub .500 season and was their 14th in 21 seasons at that point. The Mets in 1982 showed no inkling whatsoever of being a 98-win team just 3 years later and World Series Champions the following year.

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