The CD/DVD Mixtape


    You tell me what’s wrong here: a D-Block CD/DVD mixtape features just nine songs and two hours (!) of “documentary” footage, mostly of Sheek Louch riding around Yonkers pointing out his old hangout spots. I thought a Koch deal might produce more music. Whatever, let’s do this.


    DVD notes: The whole thing’s a little embarrassing. Sheek’s got way too much screen-time (underrated, yes; better than Jada and Styles, no), and a lot of the places he travels to don’t look that bad, just typical working class, the ‘burbs with less polish but no more violent tendencies. I mean, people live in houses, and Sheek’s mad cool with the owner of the local bodega. On another note, one scene shows Sheek getting his truck back after it was impounded, and he’s careful not to say it was repossessed, which makes me think it was repossessed. He also hits up 50‘s block in Jamaica, Queens and signs kids’ T-shirts, which is pretty hard-ass and sweet at the same time, if you think about it.


    Best moment: Styles in the studio, poring over a pile of CDs that includes Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage and EPMD’s Business as Usual, hoping to “swipe somethin’.”


    CD notes: As you might expect, anything D-Block has to say is put best over a hot beat, the knock, the banger, the street music. Everything here suffices, especially J-Hood’s contributions on “Hood Bangin'” and “Young G.” His collabo with Sheek, “Devine,” pulls off the club/radio-smash thing while maintaining edge. “D.B.L.O.C.K.” doesn’t actually stand for anything, and “Kill Ya Self,” another go at 50, screams “let it go already,” but both are dope nonetheless.


    Best moments: The aforementioned “D.B.L.O.C.K.” and the Clinton Sparks-produced “Everything Ya Got,” an irresistible snatching of the Cheers theme where the verses live up to the intensity of the track and vice versa.


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    Artist site (with streaming audio): http://www.dblockonline.com/

    Label site: http://www.kochrecords.com/

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