Lavender Diamond

    The Cavalry of Light EP


    With the ’06 on its way out, let’s talk the double-o seven (no, not that buff hunk of man meat Daniel Craig). A band tipped to wow in the new year is Lavender Diamond. The band is getting a lot of positive blog buzz, has signed to Rough Trade in the U.K., and will release an eagerly awaited full-length soon. Until then, this four-song EP offers a good tease of better things surely to come.


    Lavender Diamond shares a sound with fellow Angelenos and good friends Winter Flowers. Call it Ren Faire folk, but it’s just catchy enough to not be too nerdy. “You Broke My Heart” builds up nicely from jaunty piano chords and clanking percussion to grandiose greatness. By the time lead singer Becky Stark belts out the EP’s title, you realize homegirl has quite the set of pipes on her and that maybe all the accolades for the band have been spot-on.


    The small handful of songs covers a lot of area in a short time. “Please” is so lushly orchestral, with Stark’s vocals so classically pretty, it could be straight off a ’70s Streisand album. On “In Heaven There Is No Heat,” Stark starts by repeating the title in her angelic upper registry, then the rest of the band joins in for a sing-along. And things close out with “Rise in the Springtime,” a whirling dervish of orchestral pop.


    In the words of Stephen Colbert, you’ve been put on notice: Keep an eye on Lavender Diamond.




    You Broke My Heart” MP3

    Rise in the Springtime” MP3