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  • Wild Beast
  • Nurtured Disease
  • Nails In The Coffin
  • No Anchor
  • Beggar
  • The New Real Way
  • East
  • Impatient As Can Be
  • Bitters Bust
  • Travelin’ Girl
  • I'm Feelin' Good

The Bitters’ shambolic mix of un-tuned, fuzzed-out guitars, sunshine-pop harmonies and Aerin Fogel’s vocals -- a curious mix of Siouxsie Sioux and Elizabeth Fraser -- come to a head on its debut East General. Aerin Fogel is joined by Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Young Governor) and together the two have landed on a distinct sound they’ve rather accurately dubbed cave pop. East General was written and recorded at their Toronto artistic cooperative, which also serves as their studio.   


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