Yoko Solo

    The Beeps


    It would be so easy to regale you with cleverly produced analogies and comparisons to Four Tet and Prefuse 73 when discussing Brandon LaSan’s work as Yoko Solo. But the truth is the San Francisco-based deejay uses a far sparser approach to his work than his aforementioned contemporaries, and if those two superstars of the glitch world are criticized for anything, it’s for their all-too-frequent use of the kitchen-sink aesthetic. Now that a quick listen to The Beeps, LaSan’s second full-length as Yoko Solo, can provide us with the alternate route, it’s clear that they made the right choice.



    Far too spare, The Beeps fails to provide enough evolution to warrant the focused listens its beat complexities demand. Occasionally, LaSan’s talent and enthusiasm shine through, but even when he finds a groove, he rides it for too long and without enough variation. There is the skeleton of a successful record here, but someone needs to put some meat on these bones.



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