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the fuzz up as loud as it can go. In a whirlwind frenzy, repeatedly
hammer on your guitar at the same three chords. Scream at the top of
your lungs in quick lines about youthful independence. While you're at
it, go ahead and break a few things. Then, in the midst of this
hysteria, stop and take a quick moment to look at yourself in the
mirror. You're punk rock. It was that easy. All it took was a little
attitude. Now, repeat until you're comfortable. If you need pointers,
look to the Beautiful New Born Children.



band that supposedly holds its personal information and whereabouts in
deep mystery, the Beautiful New Born Children is anything but shy about
its take on garage punk. The band's debut release on Domino, Hey People!,
is exactly what every punk explosion should be: pure energy in nine
songs clocking in at just less than twenty-three minutes, and it'd be
far less if it weren't for the six-minute noise freak-out at the end
that is "Up and Down and Round and Round." Each song is a fiery burst
of reverb-thick guitar and even fuzzier vocals that begins and ends in
less than two minutes. The Beautiful New Born Children is the rawest of
the Stokes mixed with the youthful punk energy of early Replacements.


lines such as "I'm feeling fine/ Hey, I'm okay./And I don't really give
a fuck about what you say" on "OK, Alright, Fine" it's hard to not let
parts of Hey People! rub off on your outlook on life.
Luckily the song's over before your mind gets too lost in random
thoughts of quitting your job and becoming a stuntman. Hey People!
has moments of pure punk perfection - a few songs drum up more raw
attitude and emotion than a pair of Doc Martens can give a
thirteen-year-old - but they are only moments. The rest of the tracks,
although strong, seem to take a back seat behind a handful of Hey People!'s
standouts ("Hectic Control," "Paper Mill," "OK, Alright, Fine") and
leave you wanting just a little more. But, the ability to capture
punk's ruckus, youthful attitude is what the members of the Beautiful
New Born Children do best. Why not love them for it?



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"Do The Do"


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  • Do the Do
  • Paper Mill
  • Good Dose
  • I Do Too
  • Left, Right, Forward
  • Hey Heart Breaker
  • OK, Allright, Fine
  • Hectic Control
  • Up and Down and Round and Round
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