The Beautiful Letdown


    “We want more than this world’s got to offer.”

    “This is your life, is it everything that you dreamed?”

    “Life is more than we are.”

    There is the I’Ching, and there is The Beautiful Letdown. Sure, it sounds like your typical radio-rock, but this, fair consumers, is the philosophy that will guide you into the light. In the aching sorrow of preppie chicks who spurn your advances, showing up at parties with the same Abercrombie & Fitch sweater as your neighbor, and the Starbucks kid who gives you a tall nonfat-double-carmel-mocha when you specifically asked for a venti lowfat-peppermint-espresso-choco-frappuccino, here is an album that captures your pain and suffering and leads you to salvation. I will now light myself on fire.


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