Extra Golden

    Thank You Very Quickly


    Extra Golden is now three for three. Thank You Very Quickly continues the streak begun with the band’s first two releases. The six songs here overflow with the heady mix of funk, Afro-pop and smart, politically aware lyrics. Yet these danceable anthems that reference the violence in Kenya as well as AIDS and other causes to not depress. Rather, they express the joy of action and the resiliency that fosters change.


    From the burning “Gimakiny Akia” and “Fantasies of the Orient” to the trippy “Anyango” to the chanting pulse of “Piny Yore Yore,” Thank You Very Quickly is a celebration of hope and collaboration. The title track, in fact, is a thanks to fans who contributed money to keep band members’ families safe during the turmoil in Kenya.


    The guitars shimmer and slice through and infectious, inventive rhythm section, which keeps its batter of funk and African melodies in perfect balance. The entire set has a live, spontaneous feel, which makes sense, since the major takes were all done in one day.

    The members of Extra Golden have been through a lot in the past year, and while Thank You Very Quickly is not shy about facing the challenges and horrors of certain parts of the world, it is defiant in its love for life in spite of struggle. It proclaims the power of working together and leaning on one another, no matter the circumstances.