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  • Sometimes I Don’t Need To Believe In Anything
  • Baby Lee
  • The Fall
  • Into The City
  • Dark Clouds
  • The Past
  • Shock And Awe
  • When I Still Have Thee
  • Live With The Seasons
  • Sweet Days Waiting
  • The Back Of My Mind
  • Today Never Ends

Released shortly after the untimely death of power pop's reluctant prince, Alex Chilton, Teenage Fanclub's Shadows couldn't have arrived at a better time. This, the 10th full-length of the band's career, offers the perfect salve for mourning aficionados of smart shimmering pop in the vein of the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and, of course, Big Star. Shadows was handled by the Fannies' own PeMa label in Europe and the U.K. and by Merge in the United States.

Excepter - Presidence Dum Dum Girls Blissed Out

Liking the cover art.

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